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Mark Teambuilding is a best corporate teambuilding company in Vietnam, product of Vietnam Team Building Co.,Ltd. MarkTeambuilding.

We’re the largest teambuilding specialist in HCMC and Hanoi – Vietnam – and we’ve become the largest because our clients are so happy that they keep coming back. We’ve been around since 2006, so we know what we’re doing. As well as corporate team building activities, we can plan entire conferences and events for your organisation, so you can leave everything in our hands.

Why do organisations and participants love our activities so much?

– Programs are tailored for your objectives
Whether you’re wanting to reinforce a new company strategy, solve a communication issue within a team, or just get everyone together for a fun afternoon, we can tailor an activity to your organisational needs, however specific.

– We’re available nationwide
Are you a national organisation? No problem! With offices in every mainland state and even in HCMC – Vietnam, Mark Teambuilding can provide team building activities for your staff wherever you are, which means a consistent experience for your staff, and less organisational hassle for you.

– We cater for any size team
Some teambuilding companies only cater for larger groups. At Mark Teambuilding, we have plenty of activities suitable for teams of under 15, so small groups and organisations are welcome. Whether you need an activity for 5 people or 5000, we can help.

– You’ll have one point of contact throughout
From your very first enquiry, one member of our friendly team will be responsible for organising your activity. Their job is to understand what you need and deliver it for you.

– We make a difference in the community
Mark Teambuilding is committed to helping the community. We do this by donating our time and skills directly to community organisations, and by running an exciting range of charity team building events.

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